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    Hi People ! So when my bodged up laptopscreen i used as my DMD died i ordered one of those Candybar LCD’s from AliExpress.

    Now for €71 shipped those are a real bargain mainly cuz they are TN and from a good brand (Matsushita). My guess is that these

    are refurbished screens taken out of POS machines and such. It explains the price. Anyway these screens are perfect for a pin DMD !



    For just over 70 bucks including the HDMI driverboard…..



    Toshiba Matsushita made…..but a bit yellowed Sn Sticker….yeah they are used.



    Mounted it all nice n tight on a Williams System 11b speaker panel.



    Fits perfect in there.



    Ah ! Nvidia’s displaydriver just works !



    Done !


    I must say that the image is crisp and vivid, you could not tell its an used screen, it just pops !

    Although being an TN panel viewing angels are great too, no complaints what so ever. (i suspect they are some kind of VA or mVA tech, not sure)

    Now i don’t run this one full screen cuz it would make for a too large DMD image and would not fit the speakerpanel.

    So the image is cropped a bit to fit the cut-out i made in the frontpanel, it looks good in my opinion.


    Verdict: well for the money it’s a no brainer, good image quality and not too expensive, just hope it lasts me a long time.


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