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    Mike DA Spike

    A complete pack to create your own loading videos for PinballX

    With the plugin of @scutters you can launch seamless your table

    This pack contains overlay images that you must put somewhere on your harddrive.

    Extract the files CreateLaunchVideos.exe, CreateLaunchVideos.ini and Settings_CreateLoadingVideos.exe too.

    Launch Settings_CreateLoadingVideos.exe to setup your overlay path (the directory from the ZIP file) and select the systems you want to uses for creating the loading videos

    Save and exit the Settings file.

    Just run from the command line CreateLaunchVideos.exe and it will create all missing loading video's.

    Every time you add new tables to your system, run the program CreateLaunchVideos.exe to create missing videos


    This pack contains 12 different loading videos. And the program will select a random overlay to create the video

    The Overlays where created by @scutters and @Mike_da_Spike

    But combined together to make all easier

    Here are the 12 different overlays (all created with AC/DC table)

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