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    I have been a part of this community since pre-VP back in 1999, and I am very proud of what has been achieved. Over the years, I have produced a lot of things, from tables, to engines, to graphics, and even tons of layout concepts and unfinished tables. Still, a lot of my work has not been released, and so, I decided it just wasn’t fair to hold a lot of my stuff back, so I will be making the entire lot of MY WORK (Not enough space for all the other stuff i have) available free to use, modify and mutilate.

    These include the released tables, design concepts, sounds, scripts and all the psd files I have done for the tables and graphics/textures. I give my permission for all the files to be used in your VP and FP projects, and you may use them as you see fit. I am also removing any upload restrictions, though there are a few things I ask

    – I ask that the Trigon files be untouched, and left as it is. It is a highly personal project for me, so I ask that people understand that, and I would like the right to choose someone to finish the new version.
    – Please do not site strip. It’s unfair to PN, so please just take what you need and think you can use. A donation to Pinball Nirvana to cover expenses would be a nice gesture as well.
    – I retain creative and intellectual rights to any of my work. This is purely for legal reasons
    – All work that uses my resources or my work must be free, and not part of any commercial venture/collection, or sold in any matter.
    – You may use any of my work from the archives, all I ask is you point to the archives main page in a post so others will know of it.
    – Some of my table designs uses popotte’s Star trek script as a script driver, so you would need to ask permission if you use it and want to release it.
    – Included in the archive at present are all released tables (unlock code is “pinball”) all the graphics )(psd) I used to make them, all the psd files for things like bumper caps/lens lights/ metals/, as well as unreleased “dabbles” of various table designs that you can use if you like them or need a decent design.

    At the moment, there is still a lot of work to be done, and even more to be uploaded. The site is a dynamic site, but it’s a bit rough around the edges at the moment, so some things still need to be done. The website has a built in gallery system, list and thumbnail view etc, but I am a bit rusty with this so here are some quick notes.

    – At this moment, I have loaded in my FP table resources, hopefully I will be adding a lot more VP files, including table concepts, more graphics, scripts etc, once I go through all those dvd’s I made.
    – This uses php, which has it’s limitations like no support for bmp and psd. You may need to right click and “save as”. The gallery does not support bmp, but clicking on the thumbnail will display them full screen.
    – There will be periods where some links do not work, pages will look funny or broken, as I will be updating them over time, or compressing some sections to a zip file after I finish sorting.

    As I find things, I will be adding them in, so check back every once in a while.
    Updates to the archive will be posted at my facebook page. Please pass the word around, this is for everyone to use, if they know about it.

    This uses a gallery system, a (simple) web page, thumbnails and a whole bunch of stuff. very much like pinsimdb, but several things switched off like uploads and membership (don’t need them) so it’s just find what you are looking for, and click the download link for the resources.

    The thumbnails and the higher resolution images are JUST FOR DISPLAY and resized for the website. The archives themselves are full sized, in multiple formats(jpeg,bmp,psd etc), and are contained within the zip download.

    Files are now offered as collections zipped up as well. It’s not as pretty as it should be, but I need to do other things as well. The link to download the entire collection within that section is found usually just above the thumbnails.

    Kind of a real nifty system, very easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. The images for viewing are previews, but in time I will load videos and a music player for the sound files.

    As you all know, shivaSite was one hell of a large site. Most of the major content was uploaded and formed the base for IPDB. I still have a lot of the original files, but I didn’t put them up as I didn’t want to crash the Pinball Nirvana server like I did before. I have limited time now, but I still have flyers/rulesheets/ the editorials etc, as well as all those images, so if you need something DESPERATELY, then you can always shoot me a PM here or at PN.

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