Post it as a test or wait until its done?

Post it as a test or wait until its done?

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    Been working on this a month or so now.


    Poll is hard to answer. Does Yes mean release it or wait. 

    Most will say release it. More people play testing it will allow you to have more feedback on issues. Looks nice!


    Sure, give it some testers to work out the bugs.



    Been working on this a month or so now.<br /><br />


    You can release anything you want…


    ….be very honest about what the table contains.


    Does it consist of mainly just the table layout and no gameplay / code?

    Is there actual gameplay and code, and if so to what extent…

    Make it clear it’s not the same as the Stern table, but only using it’s layout, etc.

    Lots of guys will make tables like this with no gameplay / code / rules…and its certainly a great effort / stepping stone… but it’s also good to be realistic and honest about what you are sharing with the site and the community.

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    Posted to Downloads:

    An ok ruleset is here: and I have been using this video to fill in gaps or errors

    Complete (sort of)

    • Character select and Path select
    • Force targets
    • Jedi Targets
    • Tie Targets and Tie Fighter targets
    • LCD targets and ramp multiplier
    • Mission select for Endor and Tatooine
    • Mystery basic (needs upgrade)
    • Hyper space lanes (multi-ball still needs work)
    • Basic scoring (I did a weird *1000 thing that I will be removing)
    • Basic Bonuses and Bonus multiplier lanes


    • Scoring (I still have to work this out)
    • The popup exit lane (I think I finally fixed it, but the ball could get stuck)
    • The right ramp (Ball Jumps out or gets stuck)
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