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    Hello, I’m planning to build my own cab and would like a recommendation on the storage required.  I’ve seen some cabs that have up to 900 games installed.  Is a 500 GB HD large enough for the O/S, applications and tables, or should I get a 1 TB for the incremental cost?  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


    Storage is storage. The more you collect the more you need. I seldom use pup-packs, I focus on vpx only as it is the best emulator out there. 250G is not enough. Add pup-packs, pinsound, FP, Fx2, Fx3. I expect you will be fine with 500G. You might not be if you collect and install everything. Imo. it is kind of a good thing too, not having the room for every game made. If you have too many alternatives, you will loose out on great games as you are more busy keeping up with what is released/updated than to actually play them.


    System, apps, tables, Pups.. everything gets bigger with time. I look at the largest I can comfortably afford within reason. Potentially pulling a cab apart later is a pain in the @&$! (My machines are crammed in against the wall).


    I‘ve replaced a 100 GB SSD with a 500 GB one. 100 was way to less, 500 is perfect for me. I have around 600 tables on my cab, a few of them with PUP packs. PUP takes a lot storage space, but it‘s a lot fun too.

    BTW: The SSD changing process from 100 to 500 was supereasy.


    I have over 700 VPX tables and their matching dB2s files backed up in a FREE  50G Mega account

    My PINMAME folder with a full set of roms (only 1 version of SAM roms), Freezys, FlexDMD  and Pal files is a little over 2.5G


    If I did not use a front-end a 250G  hd would probably still have more then enough room to spare.

    What is going to eat up most of your storage space is the media and PUP packs (some can be over 1G each).

    You should just buy the 1T  hd as the  price difference between a 500G drive and the 1T  version is only


    see a table you like help me find the resources so that I can finish it


    Thanks very much for advising that I may as well get a 1 TB for the incremental cost!  I’ll get an SSD for the primary drive and a SATA drive for the backup one.  As you noted, it’s only about a $50 difference and I’d rather have more space than not enough.  Still, I didn’t want to get a 1 TB drive and max out at 250 GB.  That would have been overkill.


    I went for a 256Gb SSD for my operating system and a 1Tb one for the media.
    With pup packs hitting the 1Gb here and there, things get filled pretty darn quick.
    For backup I use a 1Tb free online storage space at StackStorage.


    Thanks for your input.  I was also considering doing the same and having the O/S and pinball apps on one drive and the tables on another, as well as have a backup drive.  Good to know you’ve already done something like that.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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