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    I’m finishing up creating my first Pup pack and am wondering what monitor \ display screen types people have used for a topper?

    I saw a thread on another forum someone found an ebay listing for  14″  LCD Screen LTA149B780F 1280×390.  I would prefer to have something in the 20-30″ range, as I have 32″ display for my Backglass.

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    I considered getting the LTA149B780F.  Actually I considered getting two of them… 1 for Topper, 1 for vDMD.  But instead I’ve a Dell 1366 x 768 display that I’m splitting 1366 x 320 for vDMD (the top portion of the display), 1366 x 448 for Topper.  I’m happy with that configuration at the moment.  I’m still considering changing out for the LTA149B780F though.  I really wish they made one just a bit bigger than that 14.9″.  Of course, it’s cheap enough.  But re-doing my plexiglass and mounting, etc.  Just not sure it’s worth it.

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    My bodged laptop lcd with lvds driverboard died on me (used it for the DMD) i ordered that LTA149 thingy and will be mounting it flush in my speakerpanel. It somewhat was is a blessing cuz that DMD lcd was the last analog screen in the setup. So now finally i have all things setup to install a beefier gpu. Eying for an RTX2060, they are now in the price sweetspot. Can’t wait though :-)

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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