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    VR ROOM Champion Pub (Williams 1998)

    This an great pinball table and mfuegemann did an outstanding job recreating it for VPX. In my opinion, in VR it's even better to play and it looks really great!

    This VR port just takes their great work and sets it in a room so you can play it with a VR headset. The table itself is not modded other than some slight modifications to make it fit in the cabinet and a little lighting for the room.

    Credits go to: - mfuegemann for version 1.2 of this table and Fuzzel, Dark and Zany for their contributions to the table as well.

    - 3rdaxis for sharing his great VR work and the template for creating a VR Room.

    - Caligula for bringing us VPX VR via VPVR and the rest of the VPX development team.

    - I would like to akso thank everyone else that contributed to this project.

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    What a fun and interesting table!  I can’t believe I’ve never played it before.   I just spent some time playing it, and I’m going to have to look up the rules.  Your room additions are cool.   Thanks for this release.


    I don’t play in VR but sure i will try that. I think there is a little tweak to do in the script the right sound flipper is much lower than the left. Change line 247:  “0.2”->”-0.2″ and 250: “0.2”->”-0.2″ .May be that was corrected i don’t know. Not my fav but cool table !


    When I looked at my first ball to the right, I must laugh out loud ! Really funny :-).

    This pinball is a unknown pearl.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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