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    Rajo Joey

    Wheels for front-ends in two styles: Tarcisio and Text/Logo.

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    Already using these. Almost every time I need a wheel, a good looking, not round one ( hehe ), you have it ready for me so thank you so much. I steal a few of your table recordings too ;-) :rose: :heart:


    I use a lot of your non Tarcisio wheels. Thank you for uploading them here.

    Hi my name is Barry and I'm a virtual pinball addict.


    You’re a LEGEND in this hobby, and sadly many aren’t aware. Thank you for all of the hard work you do!

    Owner: OPeCKiE Productions


    Wow, thats a lot of wheels. Thanks so much.

    Rajo Joey

    Here is a last big bunch of wheels (74!) for the next weeks.
    I think, I have all requests done and now I want to play a little bit of pinball. :-)
    Due to an inquiry here are new or updated #wheels for your frontend.

    Basketball (IDSA 1986)
    Basketball (IDSA 1986) Logo
    Faces (Sonic 1976)
    Faces (Sonic 1976) Logo
    Flying Turns (Midway 1964)
    Flying Turns (Midway 1964) Logo
    Harley-Davidson (Bally 1991) Logo
    Harley-Davidson (Stern 1999)
    Harley-Davidson (Stern 1999) Logo
    Harley Quinn (Original 2017)
    Harley Quinn (Original 2017) Logo
    Heat Wave (Williams 1964)
    Heat Wave (Williams 1964) Logo
    Heavy Metal (Rowamet 1981)
    Heavy Metal (Rowamet 1981) Logo
    Heavy Metal Meltdown (Bally 1987)
    Heavy Metal Meltdown (Bally 1987) Logo
    Hollywood Heat (Gottlieb 1986)
    Hollywood Heat (Gottlieb 1986) Logo
    Hoops (Gottlieb 1991)
    Hoops (Gottlieb 1991) Logo
    Hot Tip (Williams 1977)
    Hot Tip (Williams 1977) Logo
    Iron Man (Stern 2010)
    Iron Man (Stern 2010) Logo
    Jack In The Box (Gottlieb 1973)
    Jack In The Box (Gottlieb 1973) Logo
    Joker Poker (Gottlieb 1978)
    Joker Poker (Gottlieb 1978) Logo
    Jokerz! (Williams 1988)
    Jokerz! (Williams 1988) Logo
    Jumping Jack (Gottlieb 1973)
    Jumping Jack (Gottlieb 1973) Logo
    Jungle (Gottlieb 1972)
    Jungle (Gottlieb 1972) Logo
    Jungle King (Gottlieb 1973)
    Jungle King (Gottlieb 1973) Logo
    Jungle Life (Gottlieb 1972)
    Jurassic Park (Data East 1993)
    Jurassic Park (Data East 1993) Logo
    King Kool (Gottlieb 1972)
    King Kool (Gottlieb 1972) Logo
    King Rock (Gottlieb 1972)
    King Rock (Gottlieb 1972) Logo
    Kings & Queens (Gottlieb 1965)
    Kings & Queens (Gottlieb 1965) Logo
    Lariat (Gottlieb 1969)
    Lariat (Gottlieb 1969) Logo
    Magnotron (Gottlieb 1974)
    Magnotron (Gottlieb 1974) Logo
    Michael Jordan (Data East 1992)
    Michael Jordan (Data East 1992) Logo
    Motörhead (Original 2018)
    Motörhead (Original 2018) Logo
    New York (Gottlieb 1976)
    New York (Gottlieb 1976) Logo
    Pin-Up (Gottlieb 1975)
    Pin-Up (Gottlieb 1975) Logo
    Roller Coaster (Gottlieb 1971)
    Roller Coaster (Gottlieb 1971) Logo
    Royal Guard (Gottlieb 1968)
    Royal Guard (Gottlieb 1968) Logo
    Sheriff (Gottlieb 1971)
    Sheriff (Gottlieb 1971) Logo
    Space Train (MAC S.A. 1987)
    Space Train (MAC S.A. 1987) Logo
    Spirit of 76 (Gottlieb 1975)
    Spirit of 76 (Gottlieb 1975) Logo
    Strawman (Original 2016)
    Strawman (Original 2016) Logo
    Wild Life (Gottlieb 1972)
    Wild Life (Gottlieb 1972) Logo
    Wild Wild West (Gottlieb 1969)
    Wild Wild West (Gottlieb 1969) Logo

    You find all mediafiles and POV-files in my MEGA-Account,
    The mediafiles could also be downloaded directly in the mediamanager of PinUp Popper.
    I don’t post new videorecordings of playfields or backglasses, but they are also there.
    If not, send me a PM.

    #Wheels in Tarcisio’s style and as Text-logo:
    VPX Playfield-Recordings (4k/60fps, 4k/30fps & HD/60fps) Video/Audio separated files:
    VPX Backglass-Recordings (HD):
    VPX POV-Files:
    Instruction Cards:

    Pinball FX3 Playfield FlyOver-Recordings (4k/60hz, 4k/30hz, HD/60hz) Video/Audio separated files:


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    Thank you so much! So many new wheel. Lot of work there. Much appreciated! :heart:

    Rajo Joey

    Here are my wheels for a bunch of tables made by loserman76 and Whirl-Wind from bord.

    As always you find my wheels in my MEGA-account or in the PinUp Popper media-database:!IFsxBbCD!04cfuNEJi5hwuYxL6CvQIg
    Recordings of playfields and backglasses I will upload in a few days.

    Big Valley (Bally 1970)
    Big Valley (Bally 1970) Logo
    King Pin (Williams 1962)
    King Pin (Williams 1962) Logo
    Magic Clock (Williams 1960)
    Magic Clock (Williams 1960) Logo
    North Star (Gottlieb 1964)
    North Star (Gottlieb 1964) Logo
    Rainbow (Gottlieb 1956)
    Rainbow (Gottlieb 1956) Logo
    Space Odyssey (Williams 1976)
    Space Odyssey (Williams 1976) Logo
    Strato-Flite (Williams 1974)
    Strato-Flite (Williams 1974) Logo
    Super-Flite (Williams 1974)
    Super-Flite (Williams 1974) Logo
    Whirl-Wind (Gottlieb 1958)
    Whirl-Wind (Gottlieb 1958) Logo
    Wild-Card (Williams 1977)
    Wild-Card (Williams 1977) Logo

    Rajo Joey

    Here are wheels for the new Loserman76 and JPSalas tables in Tarcisio- and Text-Logo-style.
    As always you find them in my MEGA-account or you can download them in the Popper mediamanager.

    Amigo (Bally 1974)
    Amigo (Bally 1974) Logo
    Hang Glider (Bally 1976)
    Hang Glider (Bally 1976) Logo
    Hi-Deal (Bally 1975)
    Hi-Deal (Bally 1975) Logo
    Joker (Gottlieb 1950)
    Joker (Gottlieb 1950) Logo
    Nip-It (Bally 1973)
    Nip-It (Bally 1973) Logo
    Queen of Hearts (Gottlieb 1952)
    Queen of Hearts (Gottlieb 1952) Logo
    San Francisco (Williams 1964)
    San Francisco (Williams 1964) Logo
    Sweet Hearts (Gottlieb 1963)
    Sweet Hearts (Gottlieb 1963) Logo
    Teacher’s Pet (Williams 1965)
    Teacher’s Pet (Williams 1965) Logo

    Gork (Taito do Brasil 1983)
    Gork (Taito do Brasil 1983) Logo
    Hot Ball (Taito do Brasil 1979)
    Hot Ball (Taito do Brasil 1979) Logo
    Lunelle (Taito do Brasil 1982)
    Lunelle (Taito do Brasil 1982) Logo
    Oba-Oba (Taito do Brasil 1978)
    Oba-Oba (Taito do Brasil 1978) Logo
    Shark (Taito do Brasil1982)
    Shark (Taito do Brasil1982) Logo
    Shock (Taito do Brasil1980)
    Shock (Taito do Brasil1980) Logo
    Snake Machine (Taito do Brasil1982)
    Snake Machine (Taito do Brasil1982) Logo
    Vegas (Taito do Brasil 1978)
    Vegas (Taito do Brasil 1978) Logo


    The Best quality wheels updated with a LOT of new ones. Thank you so so much !!!!

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