This is probably a silly question, BUT …

I like to keep 2 versions of any table that pup packs are made for … 1). The pup version, and 2.) The original non-pup version.

Previously, the pup packs are made for rom tables, and I add the line: .PuPHide = 1 to the table script after the “.Games(cGameName).Settings.value(“sound”) = 1” line that is commonly found to the copy of the table I don’t want to run the pup pack. This has worked for every other table, thus far.

For this table , I can’t seem to find the where to put that line in the script because there isn’t a “.Games(cGameName).Settings.value(“sound”) = 1” line anywhere.

Is there a line I can put somewhere to make this work?

BTW: Great work and thank to everyone involved – this is a great pup-pack!

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