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    Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick shout out to my recent ‘project’ posted here on vpinball.


    As some already know g5k and 3rdaxis have joined forces (among other great contributors) to tackle a vpx version of the Flintstones table.  This has long been one of my favorites despite many not liking the movie theme or what ever issue they have with it. :P

    I was asked if my bronto crane model could be used to which I responded of course, all my 3d stuff posted here is free for any use.  Of course more conversation leads to other models and I offer to do the buildings.  I had actually started a from scratch build of the buildings some time ago but kept putting it on the back burner and only making small progress on it when I did revisit it.  I figured this would be good incentive for me to finally get rolling on it especially since I have a bit of time to work on it currently.  I start to make decent progress when I’m told to halt efforts since 3D scans of the toy buildings were in the works.  I knew if the 3D scans came through with decent quality it would dramatically reduce the work involved and would be much faster than me completing my from scratch builds and so I waited.  The scans came in and they needed a little cleaning up but they looked good, that was just a few days ago.  Really all my project showcases is how I’ve optimized 3D scanned models, each building only took me a few hours.

    Big thanks to Slydog for providing me with photos so many moons ago to get bronto crane model done and for his continued patience in tearing down his Flintstones table to help the community out.  He’s provided all the major resources for the build. :good:


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    You guys are LEGENDS. Impressive. :good:

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    Impressive work as always dark. 👍🏻

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    Great knowing you didn’t leave us completely and thank you once again @dark for all you’ve done and still do for our community. :good:

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    And a wip render with the retopolgised 3d scan…


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    Wow, guys. It‘s looking awesome! Incredible work.


    what is that a real pic, no seriously it looks that real, great job


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    g5k and dark & Slydog … and really that nice Flintstones Table Comes to life ? :yahoo:

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