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    Try 1.73 and if it Don’t work then put the 1.71 back
    or try the 1.71 from the same link

    Make sure you have your stuff Backed up

    What version of firmware do you have on your Pin2dmd version 3

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    Checked now! It shows for like 0.5 seconds so had to restart sometimes, but it isrev 01013
    should i update? 

    i will try the .dll updates also.


    @Outhere !!!!!!!!!!! This solved ALL my problems, pinup tables work without lag, i have ALWAYS had LAGGY pin packs tables, NOT the systems fault but somewhere in my settings something messed this up, and since it says everywhere DONT upgrade 1,71 version i NEVER did, also UltraDMD. Fx3 works….

    So for me that message was wrong, had i updated from the beginning.. BUT that maybe only for my setting i don´t know, cause ofc it is a real reason for that dont upgrade message since it is done by professionals.

    The mirror thing you have tried to make me understand still doesn´t work on CCC though, i use your start script from Pinup popper. But it is a sooo small problem for me now that i can ENJOY all the pup packs that i never could experience before! I started the pack that NEVER worked for me Iron Man and BAAM everything worked perfectly! I started the TRON pup pack with the G5K version, that i ALWAYS had lag on. And… NO lag…   cause you can imagine spending almost $1500 on a graphics card and then get LAG…….

    But you just made my life so much more fun!

    What can i do for you!?  I have tons of attract stuff that i made myself that i have not published here yet, so if you make me a list of tables that you want to be cooler, just PM and i will fill up your archive (if you like my stuff that is.. )


    One thing though I forgot to mention in all my happiness .. on older tables another DMD popped up on the table,  So i got 2 dmd´s now ; ) but i just want one ofc … and i hope i don´t have to configure EVERY table that i have ;/ if you maybe know a quick way to solve the double dmd thing?

    I can do it ofc I’m not lazy ;) but i rather spending those hours on making attract stuff ;)

    EDIT: I tried Bonebusters and Silver slugger and my dmdevice.ini has entered 


    alphanumeric pos.1.left = 130
    alphanumeric = 130
    alphanumeric pos.1.height = 120
    alphanumeric pos.0.left = 104
    alphanumeric = 104
    alphanumeric pos.0.height = 120


    alphanumeric pos.0.left = 26
    alphanumeric = 26
    alphanumeric pos.0.height = 120
    alphanumeric pos.1.left = 52
    alphanumeric = 52
    alphanumeric pos.1.height = 120

    so my dmddevice.dll now tells the table to show a DMD on the table.


    <hr />


    my .ini file is like the one you told me about



    ; how to downscale SEGA 192×64 pixel games to smaller displays: fit, fill or stretch
    resize = stretch

    ; flips the image horizontally
    fliphorizontally = false

    ; flips the image vertically
    flipvertically = false

    ; enable or disable frame-by-frame colorization (inactive in VPX bundle)
    colorize = true

    ; a DMD that renders with nice dots on a computer monitor
    enabled = false

    ; virtual dmd stays on top of all other windows
    stayontop = false

    ; hide the resize grip
    hidegrip = false

    ; ignore the aspect ratio of the rendered dots when resizing
    ignorear = false

    ; use VPM’s registry values when positioning the virtual dmd
    useregistry = false

    ; x-axis of the window position
    left = 0

    ; y-axis of the window position
    top = 0

    ; width of the dmd in monitor pixels
    width = 1024

    ; height of the dmd in monitor pixels
    height = 256

    ; scale the dot size (set to 0.8 for same size as pre-1.6.0)
    dotsize = 1.0


    ; if false, doesn’t bother looking for a pinDMD1
    enabled = false


    ; if false, doesn’t bother looking for a pinDMD2
    enabled = false


    ; if false, doesn’t bother looking for a pinDMD3
    enabled = true

    ; COM port, e.g. COM3
    port = COM3


    ; if false, doesn’t bother looking for a PIN2DMD
    enabled = false

    ; how long to wait in milliseconds after sending a palette
    delay = 25


    ; if enabled, stream to your browser in your LAN
    enabled = false
    port = 9090


    ; if enabled, stream DMD to
    enabled = false
    endpoint =

    ; if enabled, writes frames to an .avi file
    enabled = false

    ; path to folder or .avi file. if folder, gamename.avi is used.
    path =


    ; if enabled, send frames to PinUP.
    enabled = true

    enabled = true

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    Put this in your (DmdDevice.ini) file and if you want to use the new features set it to true
    enabled = fales


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I did , Didnt work. What i see now, is that everytime i start a table the dmddevice.ini re-writes itself :/ to the original state. So it dont save my changes ::</p>

    never experienced that before


    I just noticed in your DmdDevice.ini  file you have this set false should be set to true


    ; if false, doesn’t bother looking for a PIN2DMD
    enabled = false


    All the freezy files go in the VPinMame folder

    Make sure your files are not blocked
    Right click the file go to properties, if its blocked it will tell you


    Did this, it was not blocked… my changed was not saved, something Writer over dmddevice.ini :/ and cant get rid of the extra dmd whatever i do since the .ini dont save the changed

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