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     Mike da Spike 

    Hi Tom,

    Great table  :good:
    If you make a modification on your table, can you change the code for the dipswitches ?
    I’ve added my version of it. In this you can control the Left,Right and center coin chute from the F6 menu. This can be used for almost all Gottlieb systen80s systems





    Played tonight. I noticed that when you knock down a sniper, the game stays in sniper mode. From what I remember, when you knock down the sniper you go back into regular mode.


    Also, for whatever reason, rascals table doesn’t play nice with my pc, and this table isn’t playing well either. Right off the bat, at the top of the launch of I don’t set the gate to a toy I will get a nasty stutter every time the ball goes through. Anyone know what causes this? Also, it might just be my imagination, but I swear I’m getting a slight stutter when the ball is coming off the sling shots (but that might be my eyes playing tricks on me). Does anyone else run into these problems? Great table and a lot of fun!

    I am having the same exact problem. BTW, Thanks everyone involved with this table & the Rambo table. :good:


    Thankyou Tom and everyone, plays fine on my end no errors, bumpers seem fine,no script change. :good.

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    I mentioned the drop targets to Tom yesterday. He said, and I quote : Bord said ”Seems like the drop targets only score once you’ve hit each of them once. That is all ROM controlled so I’m assuming that it is working properly.” Its been a mystery for a bit

    Yeah, the drop target behavior definitely seems screwy, but looking at the script I couldn’t see where they are working incorrectly. Someone with more knowledge would have to dig into it.

    As for the gate stutter, this a thing that VP does with one way gates. Somewhere while the ball is passing through the gate there is a binary decision where the ball will or won’t pass through the gate and the ball teleports in that direction. It isn’t a rendering stutter, just a behavioral problem. When I was doing GI lighting I added a second invisible gate at the plunger lane to get the proper ball position when rolling down that high right lane. You could try messing with those if the behavior is killing you.


    I should be home tonight and I will update  the dip switch text.

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)

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