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    Any ideas for how I can get the 3-screen b2s working with pindmd v3 on my cab?


    Believe both outhere and 32a has described it before – for another table/db2s though.

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    I don’t know if this fixes the above bug but here is a fix for the 3 screen DMD

    it had an extra reel

    I included a PIN2DMD friendly version that has the reels resized to match the resolution of 128×32


    Have someone confirm that the Backglass is working correctly and add it to the downloads.  :yahoo:

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    Please, if you can help me with a small contribution to update my work team and continue to make more tables I will be eternally grateful.


    Believe both outhere and 32a has described it before – for another table/db2s though.

    I looked at that thread. It seems to describe the normal F1 process. However, on this Sonic table, when I get it loaded in VPX, F1 doesn’t bring up the dialog to use the external DMD. Any other ideas?


    Same problem for me – no F1 menu since it doesn’t run vpinmame, so I don’t know how to get the DMD stuff to output to my pin2dmd.


    You have a 2 screen setup plus the pin2dmd?
    You would have to use the mirroring option in Freezy
    Buy one of these to make a 3rd screen

    You can always use a separate res file for this game
    make a copy of your ScreenRes.txt file and change the extension to res and call it the same name as the game
    Then in that res file make changes for that table..

    2 and 3 Screen set-up and more


    Does anyone known if a port of FP to VPX of The Jetsons table is being worked on? Would be sweet. I like the FP version but it’s a bit buggy. I was just curious. Thx for such a great table.



    Very nice original table. Just one question, how do you make the backglass work ??? I have nothing displayed on my screen and i do not find on the web a backglass for this gem ???

    Also, there is a script file, what is it for ?

    Thanks for your help and thanks again for this beautiful table.

Viewing 8 posts - 21 through 28 (of 28 total)
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