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    Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Ultimate Pro)

    “EPIC Space Battles” mod!

    I’m glad I can finally show off some of what I’ve been working on the last 2 weeks. This is my crazy mod that changes this awesome table into a Galactic Battleground in Future Pinball. You’ve never seen a Star Wars table like this!

    I think you guys will be blown away.

    – you want X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Millenium Falcon, Turbo Laser Cannon, and Vader’s Tie Fighter… you got it

    – you want space battles… you got it

    – you want ships flying around the table…. you got it

    – you want tie fighter and x-wing laser blasts… you got it

    – you want XWing and Tie Fighter firing at each other… you got it

    – you want exploding ships… you got it

    – you want a turbo laser cannon that fires with animation… you got it

    – you want the Millenium Falcon flying around the table…. you got it.

    – you want Darth Vader on the table reacting to table events… you got it.

    This is using 25 mini playfields so far… its nuts. The Millenium Falcon, Vader and his Tie Fighter are custom models…. the others are “pegs” (to avoid the flares showing through the model problem).

    I’ll have a wip of the table available after some code clean up and testing with the newer BAM features.

    Thanks to @Gimli for help with Darth! … @polygame for nudging the progress of new Importer features… and of course @ravarcade for the amazing updates that allow this to be possible!

    Big thanks to @fuzzel for the usage of his X-Wing, Vader Tie Fighter, and Turbo Laser models!

    Watch until the end for a special treat.


    ‘ =========================================================================

    ‘****** TerryRed “Epic Space Battles” mod and updates ******

    ‘- added default hovering animations for the ships

    ‘- added turbo laser animated lighting and lasers

    ‘- added flashers to explosion holograms

    ‘- added flashers to all laser holograms so there will be real lighting following the laser animations across the table

    ‘- adjusted backwall normal map to smooth out space window

    ‘- added option to disable new animated sequences for x-wing, tie fighters, millennium falcon, lasers, explosions, and darth vader

    ‘- added new Darth Vader character animations for many table events

    ‘- added new animated sequence: millenium falcon loops around the table for “SOLO” sequences

    ‘- added new animated sequence: new x-wing and tie fighter fly in and land

    ‘- added new animated sequence: Darth Vader tie fighter fires lasers and destroys x-wing trying to fly away (explodes)

    ‘- added new animated sequence: x-wing fires lasers and destroys tie fighter trying to fly away (explodes)

    ‘- added new animated sequence: x-wing and tie fighter rotating and firing lasers at each other

    ‘- added new turbo cannon animation and lighting when bumpers are hit

    ‘- added bump mapping for x-wing, turbo laser, tie fighter

    ‘- added new BAM custom models (now seen as TGA images in the editor): Darth Vader Tie Fighter, Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader

    ‘- added new model / toys: X-wing, Tie Fighter, Turbo Laser Cannon

    ‘- changed position of X-Wing flasher, Death Star spot-light / flasher, and Level lights to make room for new models

    ‘- updated and added more playfield images for each lightsaber colour (changes were made to only the colour…not the lightsaber image)

    ‘- added additional lightsaber colours (blue, green, purple (corrected), yellow, orange)

    ‘- added option to disable Camera Control prompt

    ‘- updated Camera Control commands to work with new Static Camera view option

    ‘- added new custom static camera option (activated with launch or right flipper, needs camera control enabled)

    ‘- added option to disable HUD DMD and HUD Videos (won’t stop any video that fades in during gameplay)

    ‘- added option to disable lightsaber flasher effect (for seizure sensitive / VR users)

    ‘- added option to adjust brightness of bulbs

    ‘- added option to adjust brightness of flashers

    ‘- added option to adjust brightness of playfield inserts

    ‘- added option to adjust brightness of white lightsaber blades

    ‘-    adjusted angle / size / position of lightsaber holograms for a better view of the glow in all camera views (adjusted mini-playfield to match)

    ‘- added option to disable table script settings for BAM post processing / lighting

    ‘- adjusted BAM post processing / lighting

    ‘ =========================================================================

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    Can only imagine how EPIC this is going to look in VR. Brilliant!


    One more quick video before I release this. This version of the table will hold you guys over until PinEvent (DOF and PuP) is added.

    While waiting…. you may as well install the brand new BAM (and BAM Open VR) update just released today (v.1.5-301), as the new table will require it.


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    I am updated and ready. I am so looking forward to checking this out in VR.


    Now available:




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    New BAM flasher beacons and spotlights!

    Before I finish off the very last of my PinEvent update for Star Wars DSA (Ultimate Pro) – Epic Space Battles… I thought I’d throw in a quick couple of cool lighting updates that uses BAM’s new flasher spotlights. A few “real” beacons on the back and side wall, and a spotlight on the Millenium Falcon as it flies around.

    You can see how HUGE a difference BAM’s per pixel real lighting and rendering makes compared to any kind of static lighting. So much potential…and it will only get better. Note: the HUD DMD and FP Videos were turned off for this video demo only.

    PinEvent update and PuP-Pack coming very soon! It is very worth the wait!


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