Would you build a cab or have a second monitor

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  • Build a CAB40.00%2 votes
  • Second Monitor40.00%2 votes
  • Sit on the fence and wait on the poll result?20.00%1 vote
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    Ive come to a decision maybe.

    Currently I have a single monitor setup on my desktop PC. Considering adding a second in Portrait mounting for playing the tables on instead of making a full size CAB for a 42″ LG LED smart screen I have lying around. The best resolution the TV will give isnt stunning for its size and the refresh rate is a poltry 5ms or worse (Specs are a tad vague)

    So throwing it out there. Given the choices available I could build a Cab with its own PC Internet and stuff or just settle for a second 1ms gaming screen.

    Ive read a few posts on cab building and It isnt that hard if your competent with woodworking tools and with Vinyl. MDF these days is a good wood suppliment to use, just that the Cab is going to be a bit big if you dont have the room. I dunno.

    Silver ball go that way, as eyes went this way, GAME OVER !!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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