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    All-in-one (almost) installer (VPX10.5.0, VP9.9.5, VP9.9PM5(updated Plunger/Accel/Surround MOD), VP9.2.1, VP8, VPM3.1, DMDext, X/UltraDMD, B2S, DX9webinstaller, Core.vbs scripts). Open the zip, run the .exe, enjoy.


    Fantastic. Been messin’ with pinmame for decades. Never has it been easier. Huge thanks for this. I do however have an issue. Running in desktop mode and getting alot of  ” terminated- check rom path” errors. Some games that require roms work (Ali for example)fine and some dont. Definitely have roms in proper folder and not unpacked. Usually the line in the script is  “Controller.Run”. Also I definitely have the correct roms in the VPMame roms folder. One is “frpwr_c7” Id really appreciate some insight. cheers. BTW the table usually launches fine.

    edit- Turns out having the “Force exclusive FS mode” ticked was the culprit.


    After installation:
    For the Cabinet-Mode the checkbox “Use always FS backdrop settings” must be set
    and the checkbox “Fullscreen – Force Exclusive Fullscreen Mode” must NOT be set
    (otherwise the DMD-tables will not work!)


    @moni : The reason for fullscreen not working is that ddraw in registry needs to be changed from 1 to 0. After that change, it will work just fine. is just one of many threads explaining this.

    I recommend. Export registry for freeware, then do a search/replace and import again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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