I was was having the slow/sluggish issues with this puppack like others mentioned. I’ve had no issues with other puppacks, however. I tried re-scaling the images to 720p but the problem persisted. I change the vsync and max pre-rendered frames to 1 but the problem was still occurring. When I manually played videos, they’d play for a few seconds and freeze then I’d only get sound. When I played them on the playfield they played with no issues.

The only thing that I found that got things working perfectly was changing the color depth of the backglass monitor to 16 bit. It was originally at 32 bit.

Another thing I found was no matter what settings I have for color depth, if I left the dmd on the playfield while testing, I had sluggish performance. After moving to the dmd screen, everything worked perfectly.

Hopefully this will help others who are experiencing this issue.

Well…I’m still not getting optimal performance with what I mentioned above.  I haven’t done much more troubleshooting but I can say that CPU usage is minimal,  maybe in the teens.  GPU usage maybe hits 50 to 60%.  I’m running an AMD rx580 with 8 GB of ram for the 4K PF and an AMD Radeon R7240 for the BG and DMD.  CPU is an AMD FX-6350 Six Core.  8GB RAM.  Can’t remember which MB i’m using and I’m not where I can check.  When I run this on my T540p business class laptop with an i7-4600M CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M and intel hd4600 graphics chips, it runs beautifully.

Any ideas what could be the cause?  I’ve heard that running 4K with the rx580 is pushing its capabilities but the gpu isn’t being heavily utilized.  The R7240 shows almost no utilization.  I haven’t tried limiting frame rate yet but will try that when I get back.

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