@3rdaxis thanks for noticing the sounds.  Many were recorded from the actual machine like the heavy “thunk” that is the big bank relay that resets the mushrooms after each ball drain.  Recording the bell sounds was a real pain, for some reason or other my condenser mic couldn’t get a good recording of them in the machine.  I ended up pulling the bells out, mounting them on a wooden support, put a bucket over the mic +bell and hit the bell with a screw driver repeatedly until I got the sound I was looking for!  The score motor and reel advances are not very loud and there is no bonus countdown at the end of a ball so the real table is also surprisingly quiet.

thanks so much for testing the table!  I always feel more confident releasing a new system once I’ve know that you’ve tested it.

thanks the real table plays a lot like what you have, for example balls that go down either side arc land mostly on the left flipper just like in the VP version.  Shooting the Tour Gate lane is very difficult (at least for me and I’m not a great player) and a good strategy for scoring is to try to get all four mushrooms to open the right out lane gate as well as try to score 10’s in the center bumpers.


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