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    Any tips for getting the game sounds to work?  All i have is mechanical sounds.




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    Thank you Kindly :) :yahoo:   :good:


    I am having the same issue with my version of Batman (Data East). I get the mechanical clicks but no game sound. I went through the regedit process you described in your other post, but nothing changed. Any other suggestions? When I press 8/9 on the keyboard during game play, I don’t get the normal volume settings that I get on most tables. Not sure where else to go from here. Thanks.


    Hello, I did have the sounds and music issues too, and I’ve solved this way:
    in the folder VPinMAME run Setup64.exe (or Setup.exe if 32 bits SO I guess)
    1- Press “Test” button
    2 – Look for Batman (1.06) thn press “Check ROMs” button (ROM set name is “btmn_106”)
    3 – All the files under State column must have the OK, if not so, is a uncomplete/corrupted ROM file.
    4 – Google it and replace the bad ROM file
    5 – Repeat the test, if all files inside OK, enjoy this great table.




    Hidden gem, fantastic table. Thank you!


    Thank you!! It’s good to know that people like what you do with great pleasure.  :yahoo:

    "Learning without thought is vain, thought without learning is dangerous." (Confucius)

    "Aprender sin pensar es inútil, pensar sin aprender es peligroso". (Confucio)

    Please, if you can help me with a small contribution to update my work team and continue to make more tables I will be eternally grateful.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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