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    Wipeout DOFLinx mod is done and will be available when approved:

    Wipeout (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition)


    I found out I’m being posted to Ottawa!  Big change to go from living in a small city of 15,000 and now to the capital of Canada.  I finally will have good movie theaters, Canada Computers for parts….

    …and the House of Targ and Ottawa Pinball Arcade….finally two places that have alot of real pinball machines that I can play!



    I was playing with DDH69’s Masters of the Universe DOFLinx mod the other day (the 2nd FP table with any DOFLinx code I believe).  It was pretty good, considering that he did this without any flashers, strobes, or lighting, to test with, etc..

    I always wanted to give this table my own bit of pizzazz, especially considering how much I have advanced with doing DOFLinx mods with animation and effects, etc..  I also feel this way about most of my first DOFLinx mods, but since SLAMT1LT is updating most of those tables again, that’s going to happen eventually anyway. 

    Not sure what inspired me….   what was supposed to be a small update to your DOFLinx mod of MOTU, turned into a complete built from scratch modern DOFLinx Cabinet Edition mod, and an entire Saturday gone.  This has all the DOFLinx goodness you could ever want, and really looks cool!

    Another thing I did which I’m really happy about (and have been slowly getting there with each new table mod)….

    …for this table I have absolutely NO DOFLinx code in the table’s code whatsoever! ALL of the DOFLinx code and commands are ALL contained in their own “DOFLinx MAIN Section” at the bottom of the script. In the DOFLinx section, every main table device and action has their own sub-section and sub-routine with easy to find labeling and code. This has become more of a standard now, which means that for future table DOFLinx mods this can be mostly a copy and paste for all the standard stuff contained in the DOFLinx section. Just change what you need for that specific table. This will also make it MUCH easier to transfer a DOFLinx update to a table that is being updated a lot (SLAMT1LT).

    The only thing I have throughout the entire main table script are the sub-routine commands for anything needed for DOFLinx.   Each sub-routine begins with “DOFLinx_”, so transferring these to a newer table will be much easier now.

    So, you think it would end there….   I have the new DOFLinx mod for Masters of the Universe all done……but it doesn’t stop there! Again, don’t know what inspired me, but now I also want to give this table a complete update with Full Motion Videos and backglass, etc…  similar to what SLAMT1LT does to his tables.

    So far I have the entire He-Man intro video running for the attract sequence, and also some videos that show for multi-ball and other actions. Not sure how far I will go, but so far I’ve had to add 1000’s of images for the videos (you can only do 30 at a time, blah!) These are all hi quality videos at 640×480 (original resolution of the show) running at 20fps.  It was a bit of a process to get it work. I must say it’s looking pretty cool. This may end up being one of the longest loading FP tables.

    Not sure what I should call this new version.   Maybe:

    Masters of the Universe: MYAH! Edition  



    Here you go with a sneak peak…. a 2 in 1 special video.

    I am VERY proud to present…my first Future Pinball “TABLE” mod….




    This is rom’s excellent MOTU table, now updated with full motion video clips, table info and new backglass as well as new sounds. Inspired by SLAMT1LT’s tables and some of the newer pinball machines from Heighway, Stern, and Jersey Jack Pinball that now use monitor screens instead of DMDs.


    I also added an all new DOFLinx update to it as well. Love how this turned out.  Table will be available soon for both cabinet and desktop users.



    Well so it seems we may never see a new version of Bond 50 (or any SlamT1lt creation), so might I suggest this one as the next DOFLinx project?

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