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    Vpinball has rocketed my enthusiasm to the ‘real-deal.’  She arrives today!  Working and in great condition, the culminating table to be…


    Strange Science (with the Neon Topper!)

    dsphotohandler (1)dsphotohandlerdsphotohandler (2)

    I’m proficient in light soldering and tracing low voltage/continuity, but still uncharted territory in where to begin with this hobby…oh boyyyyy here we go!

    I have to also say with the advent of the internet the online bidding process was super interesting as this was purchased from 900 miles away at a live auction.  Got her for 900 bucks! (I am also fortunate to have a loading dock to ship to via Freight as the cost is dramatically cheaper if you can ship via ‘normal’ freight to a dock.  If you ship to residential, the cost is greater for many reasons including a ‘lift’ type trailer.  My cost went from $377 to ship (which oddly I had checked 2 machines prior to bidding as I thought I could potentially score 2, and the cost was 388 for both so needless to say I was totally disappointed when the associated cost is obviously with the transport and not necessarily the item in this case) down to $168!  I was going to drive up if I couldn’t make use of the dock, but man, what a steal to ship especially since I drive a Wrangler and gas mileage is horrid, but still less than the aforementioned pricing.

    Hopefully this helps those who are looking to online bid as this is all new to me!  Come along for the journey…I’m just trying to be like some of you when I grow up to have a basement full of these things. :good:


    Cool, nice score.  Start clearing out space, the damn things breed and multiply.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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