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    This is a conversion to FSS format made by me. The original table is from Ninuzzu & Tom Tower, thank you very much for this title made by you.

    Also thanks to many other authors from parts of the original project, all of which are mentioned in the Script (thanks preserved from the original version).

    Well, as usual, all the work was done through the tutorial videos of Nick Christopher (Arconovum), and everyone already knows how much I appreciate the support he has been giving me all this time (Thank so much Nick).

    The original BG has no controlled light, just static lighting, so I kept it the same in the FSS format.

    And thank you very much to all the VPX and table developers, without you the fun wouldn't be possible.

    Well, this is a great new title that could not be missing in the FSS format.

    Enjoy it.

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    Thanks I love Shrek, are you making the waffles Morttis? :yahoo:

    Health is Wealth:Knowledge is Power

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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