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    Yeah. Share another video of you cab. Looks great :)


    ok, here it is…

    Yes short test with TOTAN… youtube does not like me posting videos with AC/DC’s soundtrack in them :-)

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    Yes! Much better.  :good:

    We need a POP front end signature!!! Or no?

     Jays Arcade 

    I screwed around last night with the Elvis table. Terry, I copied your TOTAN PF Back Flasher MX code and re-purposed it with different colors and DOF assignments from the Elvis table. I wish I was more knowledgeable about this stuff. I learn by deconstructing something or having someone completely walk me through it, so bit of a learning curve here!  :wacko:

    Is there any reason the letter I can’t be better centered in the DirectOutputShapes.png? It seems like all the letters would be better off if they were centered better, but maybe there is a reason why they need to be aligned to the left for some reason?

    Here is a short demo. Too bad I have such a bad glare off the playfield glass.

    Here is the PF Back Flashers MX.

    S9 Red @flasherclo@ @LetterE@ L15/S22 Red @flasherclo@ @LetterE@ L16/S32 Red f200 @flasherclo@ @LetterE@ L17/W43 Yellow @flashercli@ @LetterL@ L18/S23 Yellow @flashercli@ @LetterL@ L19/S10 Purple @flashercli@ @LetterL@ L20/W41 Yellow @flashercli@ @LetterL@ L21/S9 Blue @flashercc@ @LetterV@ L22/S22 Blue @flashercc@ @LetterV@ L23/S20 Yellow @flashercri@ @LetterI@ L24/W42 Yellow @flashercri@ @LetterI@ L25/S17 Yellow @flashercri@ @LetterI@ L26/S10 Red @flashercro@ @LetterS@ L27/S23 Red @flashercro@ @LetterS@ L28/S43 Red @flashercro@ @LetterS@ L29


    You can replace   @flashercri@  with the actual position and size you want for that specific letter instead of using the @flashercri@ variable.

    More info….

     Jays Arcade 

    Thanks Terry. I do look at that for reference. I really need to deconstruct another example to see how it all ticks. I’ll look at some of your other code to figure out how to do it. Baby steps, baby steps. I’m learning, Thanks!

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