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    It’s 4K Bliss  B-)


    @Nemo: So viewing angle of the iiyama x4071uhsu-b1 from the right/left side is good enough for a cabinet? In reviews they say it dims quite a bit.


    I wish I could see an example of @nemo 40″ 4K… nice size. I wonder how it compares vs. the current IPS displays out there?

    The Acer Predator one I have is stunning, but only 32″

    There was this 43″ one that was popular, but is hard to come by these days.





    Well the viewing angle is not too bad and damn good for a Mva panel, however i have the panel sitting recessed in the cab.

    The front sits way low, almost just how an actual playfield would sit in the cab, picture is just gorgeous and bright.


    That being said, i’m still waiting for a 40″ 4K, >144Hz HDR 10bit panel  :wacko:

    The Loafer

    Nemo:  I’m starting to consider that type of angle for my new set up, woul help just a bit more on the viewing angle thing I guess (but really surprising how it’s not an issue though).


    how is everyone installing their TV’s in their cabs?  My current (old) setup was using a very cool metal frame that the tv was more of less clamped too. This had advantages when I needed to lift the screen but of course since my new TV is not the same size, I can’t put the old one into the new bracket and… I don’t really want it too (it’s got some weird pads around the tv, it’s not very slightly).  I’ve sort of decided just to remove the entire framed setup, build (or try) a couple of wood cross braces and just sit the tv down.  Does that make sense?  I’ll then later build some kind of decent looking bezzle to beautify its surroundings I guess lol


    opinions are welcomed :)

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)
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