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    It looks like he’s missing scripts, it doesn’t need b2s at all


    I agree that this is one way to get around the “problem”. On my desktop machine I have db2s server registered and in fact I normally run the tables in a window instead of full screen and have a db2s on the right side on its own. My desktop machine is mostly used to tinker with stuff on, so having all options is a good thing. What I’ve always wondered about though is if there could be any benefits to not having db2s server installed at all vs disabled performance wise ?! It might very well be your best choice, to install the db2s like @djlunchbox suggests so you have the option he mentions available in the long run.


    @thalamus: Thank you very much!

    Desktop user here, no issues at all.

    I installed all components one at a time without the all-in-one installer a lot of people are using.

    VPinballx5 minimal, then upgraded to 10.6 beta. VPinmame 3.2 beta, registered the COM objects and tested.  Unzipped scripts to the proper folders, added my samples and Bally nvram stuff then installed standard UltraDMD via msi from here:

    I then followed the instructions for file placement on the included instructions and bypassed everything about xdmd; it appears to be working from the UltraDMD msi install referenced above.

    The only glitch I noticed is that if the ball goes into the chute on the right (labeled photo hunt, army ghost, bar ghost, spirit guide) and if you touch nothing, it will perpetually bounce off your flipper on ejection and go right back into the chute.

    System specs if it matters: Windows 10 Pro (Free OEM Dell box from work, we have a company that comes out and on-site shreds hundreds to thousands a year from corporate acquisitions) 16GB RAM, Core 15, GeForce GTX 1050Ti.  I had to pay for the extra RAM and GeForce card :-)

    EDIT: I don’t have db2s installed.




    @djlunchbox: Thank you! That worked. The DMD opens automatically and I will be able to play the table now :-)

    Thanks also to everyone else for helping me with this one. This is very much appreciated :-)


    Has anyone else noticed the Spirit Guide animation running twice on the DMD every time it occurs since the last update?  I am getting this…  any suggestions?

    - wonky builder of the steampunk-y Nikola Tesla cabinet.


    I am working through the installation instructions and when I go to download XDMD, there is no compiled versions there anymore.  Any suggestions?


    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    I recommend that you use the one-in-all installer. Overwriting should not be a problem. Ok, if you have installed the 10.6 beta it kind of is. But, to get there all you need is to extract that one over the install and you’re done.


    Yep i get the spirit guide animation running twice,not sure whats going on with that?? :wacko:

Viewing 9 posts - 121 through 129 (of 129 total)

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