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    @daphishbowl — Thank you for the Update
    And a thank you to all the contributors

    Rajo Joey

    Thanks for the update. 👍


    where can I get the new VPXVR version needed to play as the link says file has been deleted?

    please help?

    Here you go;


    Thank you for the update!

    PS: People, don’t forget to update (download) the Pup-Pack as well when updating, I learnt the hard way :)


    Thanks so much for the update! :good:


    Thank you for the update.


    Thanks for the update. Beautiful table!


    Thanks for the update!


    Nice, thanks for the update. :good:


    I can’t get the PP to work …… any suggestions ?


    What a great table, thank you for making this table!!   FYI, for those that play the VR version.  There was an issue for me with the height of the hadron, firebuttonbase, and the associated flasher lights.  They sat way above the table.  The easiest way to fix this is to edit the script XYZ and height coordinates.  I changed the VR Room script starting at line 184:


    ‘********* VR Room **************

    If VRRoom = True Then ‘Turns on VR Room and Cabinet
    Dim VRThings
    for each VRThings in VRStuff:VRThings.visible = 1:Next
    Flasherbase5.X = 472
    Flasherbase5.Y = 2310
    Flasherbase5.Z = 150
    Flasherlit5.X = 472
    Flasherlit5.Y = 2310
    Flasherlit5.Z = 150
    Flasherbase5.Size_X = 30
    Flasherbase5.Size_Z = 30
    Flasherlit5.Size_X = 30
    Flasherlit5.Size_Z = 30
    Flasherflash5.X = 472
    Flasherflash5.Y = 2310
    Flasherflash5.Height = 194
    FlasherFlash5_5.X = 472
    FlasherFlash5_5.Y = 2310
    FlasherFlash5_5.Height = 195
    hadron.Height = 168
    FireButtonBase.Z = -100
    for each VRThings in VRStuff:VRThings.visible = 0:Next
    hadron001.height = 170
    hadron001.Visible = True
    Flasherbase5.X = 468
    Flasherbase5.Y = 2330
    Flasherbase5.Z = 150
    Flasherlit5.X = 468
    Flasherlit5.Y = 2330
    Flasherlit5.Z = 150
    Flasherbase5.Size_X = 22
    Flasherbase5.Size_Z = 22
    Flasherlit5.Size_X = 22
    Flasherlit5.Size_Z = 22
    Flasherflash5.X = 468
    Flasherflash5.Y = 2330
    Flasherflash5.Height = 194
    FlasherFlash5_5.X = 468
    FlasherFlash5_5.Y = 2330
    FlasherFlash5_5.Height = 195
    FireButtonBase.visible = 0

    End If


    I was reminded again today what terrific physics this game has. Thanks for the update.



    The table has been working well for me since the beginning.
    But I’m stuck on a small problem.

    When I leave the table, I almost automatically get a message telling me that “pinup system stopped working”.

    Do you have the same problem ? and have you solved it ?


    Karwail :)


    Is the tilt problem solved ?

    When I tilted the machine I had my slingshots which didn’t work any more until I restart vpx …


    This table gets better and better with every update. Amazing stuff. Thank you. It is very much appreciated.


    Problem with PupPack. At last version 1.2.0 all runs perfect. Now the DMD is flashing and the PupPack runs on the Playfield in the Background. Any idea?


    Did the PupPack change with recent releases? Should we update PupPack if we update table?

    The Loafer

    Did the PupPack change with recent releases? Should we update PupPack if we update table?

    According to the installation tab, there’s a link to PUP pack 1.21 version so I would presume “yes”

    The Loafer

    Daphishbowl:  Gave the latest version a try:


    bug report:

    Plunger:  I think it had previously been reported that in some instances, a bug using a real plunger will cause the ball to autolaunch for all future balls until we quit the table.  Not sure if you’ve had a chance to look at it yet, came across this again today. This is a complex table (doesn’t take a genius to figure that out when looking at the script, ouch!).  So A)  Just curious if EVERY real-plunger user has come across this issue and B) If yes, maybe the mechanical plunger should be disabled in the table until this is sorted out? and C) if no one else is having this issue, never mind lol  On that note, I took a look at it and understand why the issue is happening.  So with the use of a real plunger, when you initially first pull it, the tip of the plunger actually settles a bit higher than the default placement of the plunger so what happens is the ball kicks into the plunger lane and because of the plunger tip being higher, the ball now rests on the trigger so it thinks you already tried to plunge the ball and boom it autoplunges.  This may only occur with some plungers. For example, I’m using the 2nd generation (I think) virtuapin plunger so this is likely caused by how it auto-calibrates when we enter VP.  The solution for me is to move the plunger a little lower and/or move the autoplunger sensor higher so that the ball at rest isn’t touching it.  You may want to try moving it up a bit to see in your release version, that should solve it for those who have this issue, at least those with a similar setup as I have

    Extra ball:  This table stacks modes so I apologize if I can’t give you a concrete specific situation.  I believe I had 3 modes running which according to the real pin, that lights up the extra ball via the scoop so perhaps that’s how I achieve it.  So I heard the extra ball callout and sure enough I was rewarded the extra ball.  However, when I heard the callouts, Starlord’s eyes did not light up as expected when getting an extra ball.   IE: this is just a visual bug, not a big deal but FYI just the same

    skillshot:  It seems to be progressing from game to game.  IE: 4th game and I was still accumulating 100 thousand each additional skillshot hit

    skillshot:  it seems if the autoplunger is engaged (for example, if the plunger bug is triggered) it ALWAYS hits the same shot and it’s a successful skillshot to the left lane.  Maybe adding some kind of random strength to it?

    Difficulty:  Somewhere along the way, probably with the physics tweaks, this game has gotten harder… and this is not a complaint.  In the 8-9 games I just played, I can’t believe how many missed shots led directly to a SDTM or left outlane lost ball scenario and this is exactly how it should be. This game has quite a bit narrow shots so it’s not supposed to be a walk in the park.   I’m loving the playability and when I end up with a good game, it feels like it was earned.

    Thanks again for your great work on this.




    Fantastic table …. !!
    An impressive job .. I love it. I leave you 5 stars and that I have not been able to leave the ULTRADMD on (which I prefer) because I have 2 monitors since it does not stop flashing and it seems that it is not contemplated correctly for that option of not wanting the PUP ..

    If I had a solution, you can tell us … at the moment it has been impossible for me due to some problem that I do not know …


Viewing 20 posts - 481 through 500 (of 537 total)
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