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    This is a conversion of the Heman Masters of the Universe DOFLinx - Cabinet Edition(terryred mod) version So all credit goes to Rom! for the very unique FP build. Thanks Rom

    HUGE thanks to TerryRed for his DOF additions and his attention to the original FP table DETAILS that i would have missed without him.

    Thanks to Thalamus for adding SSF.

    Used Flupper's dome technic and all his resources from example table.

    there is a few bugs I AM SURE so releasing as a Beta and hopes people will find bugs, Help fix them or even work out the high score and multiplayer scripting that's already in table but i haven't tried getting it working yet. I also struggle with lighting so its not perfect but is working.



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    so excited about this one growing up in the 80s.  unfortunately same proglem as gi joe.  I put the music in the music folder and the table in the table folder.  I launch the table and vpx starts to load and then just shuts off.  the blue loading bar gets almost all the way full and then vpx disappears


    I just Want to thank you soo much all you guys who worked on this table. It is a beast! I absolutely love it! It makes my nostalgic juices flow. I cant believe the amount of work you all put into this and other tables to share with us for all to enjoy. Thank you!! This is going in my top 5 tables. The gameplay is soo fun. Feels fantastic and looks spectacular! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:   You guys rock!!!!


    Crash report VPX rev3427
    Process: VPinballX.exe
    Reason: 0xE06D7363 – UNKNOWN at 001B:7478CAB2
    Thread ID: 0xA60 [2656]

    Call stack
    (0xFFFFFFFFE06D7363 0x00000001 0x00000003 0x0014a240)
    (0x0014A25C 0x00687B30 0x0055F1BC 0x0055f1c4)
    (0x0012C000 0x0826BAC4 0x00480FF3 0x0012c000)
    (0x0012C000 0x77DE4210 0x1C440CA8 0x0014f468)
    (0x00521E25 0x0014F4B0 0x77DE4210 0x00000000)
    (0x0014F4B0 0x77DE4210 0x00000000 0x005220c1)
    (0x4D8B1A75 0x24468D0C 0x6765E850 0x01b8fff6)
    (0xFFFFFFFFACE8500C 0xFFFFFFFFB8FFF666 0x00000001 0xffffffff8b5b5e5f)
    (0x08418B08 0xFFFFFFFF8B0C4689 0x46890C41 0x08468b10)
    (0x08468B10 0xFFFFFFFF8914498B 0xFFFFFFFF8510244C 0xffffffff8b3c7ec0)
    (0xFFFFFFFF8914498B 0xFFFFFFFF8510244C 0xFFFFFFFF8B3C7EC0 0x798d0456)
    (0xFFFFFFFF8510244C 0xFFFFFFFF8B3C7EC0 0x798D0456 0x24448b03)
    (0xFFFFFFFF8B3C7EC0 0x798D0456 0x24448B03 0xffffffff85c93314)
    (0x798D0456 0x24448B03 0xFFFFFFFF85C93314 0xffffffff8b1d7ed2)
    (0x24448B03 0xFFFFFFFF85C93314 0xFFFFFFFF8B1D7ED2 0x009b8dc7)
    (0xFFFFFFFF85C93314 0xFFFFFFFF8B1D7ED2 0x009B8DC7 0xffffffff80000000)
    (0xFFFFFFFF8B1D7ED2 0x009B8DC7 0xFFFFFFFF80000000 0xffffffff850f0038)
    (0x009B8DC7 0xFFFFFFFF80000000 0xFFFFFFFF850F0038 0xfffffffffffffedb)
    (0xFFFFFFFF80000000 0xFFFFFFFF850F0038 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFEDB 0x04c08341)
    (0xFFFFFFFF850F0038 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFEDB 0x04C08341 0xffffffffef7cca3b)
    (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFEDB 0x04C08341 0xFFFFFFFFEF7CCA3B 0x1424448b)
    (0x04C08341 0xFFFFFFFFEF7CCA3B 0x1424448B 0x3bf80343)
    (0xFFFFFFFFEF7CCA3B 0x1424448B 0x3BF80343 0xffffffffd57c085e)
    (0x1424448B 0x3BF80343 0xFFFFFFFFD57C085E 0xffffffff8b08468b)
    (0x3BF80343 0xFFFFFFFFD57C085E 0xFFFFFFFF8B08468B 0x3310244c)
    (0xFFFFFFFFD57C085E 0xFFFFFFFF8B08468B 0x3310244C 0x0fc085d2)
    (0xFFFFFFFF8B08468B 0x3310244C 0x0FC085D2 0xfffffffffffeb68e)
    (0x3310244C 0x0FC085D2 0xFFFFFFFFFFFEB68E 0x03798dff)
    (0x0FC085D2 0xFFFFFFFFFFFEB68E 0x03798DFF 0x4639c033)
    (0xFFFFFFFFFFFEB68E 0x03798DFF 0x4639C033 0xffffffff8b147e04)
    (0x03798DFF 0x4639C033 0xFFFFFFFF8B147E04 0x009b8dcf)
    (0x4639C033 0xFFFFFFFF8B147E04 0x009B8DCF 0xffffffffc6000000)
    (0xFFFFFFFF8B147E04 0x009B8DCF 0xFFFFFFFFC6000000 0x498dff01 (0 (0x20468900 0xFFFFFFFFCCCCA3EB 0x56CCCCCC 0xf
    Date/time: 28/10/2018, 19:43:12:287
    Number of CPUs: 4
    Processor type: 586
    System: Unknown Windows version – 6.2 ()

    Memory status
    Total Reserved: 96920K (94M) bytes
    Total Commited: 1933064K (1887M) bytes
    Total Free: 67104K (65M) bytes
    Largest Free: 1076K (1M) bytes

    EAX=0014A1B0 EBX=00000000 ECX=00000003 EDX=00000000
    ESI=00687B30 EDI=0014A25C EBP=C7000014 ESP=00522101 EIP=00144C87
    FLG=00000212 CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000

    Failed to save minidump.

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    Yes, this was waiting for quite a bit, thanks Randr for all your work, it is one of my favorite tables, but since I took FP I could not play it anymore, thanks for this conversion, you are the best !!!! :heart:


    Thank you for giving us this table. The sound is normal, but the music is not played (the mp3 files are in the Music folder)


    @Tom This table has a lot of images loading so if your on a 32bit OS or windows XP or your system is not got a great video card or low system ram you may have issues loading table and playing it.

    The music plays fine if you must have the .mp3 files directly in vp music folder not in a sub directory so if it still don’t work for you please provide your system specs and what error you are getting. Make sure you can play other original tables with .mp3 in music folder too

    Currently playing around with FP to VP conversions. Nothing serious just trying to have fun.


    I am using a 32 bit system with windows 10.  That’s a shame, I have 350 other tables working I was hoping this one would be able to run also.


    It must be due to amount of images in table. Maybe try the patch for memory limit on 32 bit os? Or maybe try on a laptop just to make sure you didn’t get a bad download or who knows what. Maybe turn quality settings down and try to run it?

    Currently playing around with FP to VP conversions. Nothing serious just trying to have fun.


    @armyaviation (Tom) unless your getting a bass.dll error behind a exclusive full screen mode. Maybe try table in non exclusive full screen to see what error you are getting

    Currently playing around with FP to VP conversions. Nothing serious just trying to have fun.

     The Loafer 

    Tom and Nelson :  are you 100% certain you are using the latest vp 10.5 final all-in-one full install?


    Randr: congrats on this release, I know you put a lot of time into this release and it shows!  This may be a beta but it’s auite polished!  Well done also to all who helped (Terry/thalamus/flupper) and also of course to Rom)


    I installed 10.5 this year.  I have not updated it recently in the last 4 months or so.  Doing the research on the 32 bit patch.  Will that help performance on other tables.


    Tried deselecting full screen and same results, no error


    This table is more demanding as it loads ALL the images for the videos into ram. The Future Pinball version originally had a lot more, but I had to remove the “intro” video as it was too much for it to handle.

    Congrats to randr for getting the table converted to VPX. I’m glad he let me pester him about some details as it paid off! Things like how smoothly the toys move just like the FP original really makes it look more polished.

    I’m also glad he let me get in there and get the videos playing the way I wanted to match my FP Mastered mod. Looks great on the playfield.

    Job well done, and another great example of how a beloved FP table can be converted to VPX with a little bit of passion.


    If I had more patience with lighting it could look much better but I’m hopeful that someone will offer some suggestions on lighting effects to make it look a bit better

    Currently playing around with FP to VP conversions. Nothing serious just trying to have fun.


    Also…you guys can use this Backglass image from my FP mod until a PuP-Pack is created.




    I just downloaded the table and when trying to open the table I get the following error message:

    Line: 6467

    ActiveX Component can’t create object: ‘UltraDMD.DMDObject’

    I noticed that line 6489 has – ” UltraDMD.SetProjectFolder curDir & “\Jaws.UltraDMD”

    I don’t have Jaws on my system so is that why I’m getting the error?



    This is fantastic! Thank you for all your efforts! This is a work of art  :good:



    Thank you Randr for this conversion. I of course know this table a bit already. So, I mostly want to thank you for how great you are as a person and how easy you are to work with. :rose:

    I’m sure that Terry, still will use countless hours on the Pup pack, and I’m looking forward to see what he comes up with.

    As you all know. I’m no FP lover. So these FP converted tables are mostly new to me. I however appreciate the ones already converted and I want to thank ROM for letting them be converted.


    Can’t wait to try this tonight! Thanks!  :good:


    As always thanks for the hard work and great Conversions :yahoo:

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