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    First half of the year I was very active.  Completed Jive Time from scratch (one of my favorites); lots of scripting, animation, layout and physics for CFTBL and Safe Cracker; scripting for Space Time; and total make over of Pinball Magic.  Second half of the year got lost somewhere, only helping out with little things here and there.  My short list to start off 2019 includes scripting for Magic Circle and layout and physics for Totan.

    There were so many great tables in 2017 and 2018 that there’s almost nothing left on my wish list.  I am looking forward to Totan, Pinbot, Circus Voltaire, and Addam’s Family though.

    Current Project: Perpetual updates of VPX physics.

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    Wow…its been a crazy year and I’ve been all over the place with VPX, FP, FX3, PuP, Popper, DOFLinx and DOF…and updates to the cabinet.

    Some of this may have been in 2017…hard to keep track.


    Cabinet updates:

    -finally got a Stern shaker. Best update to my cabs DOF…love it! Wish I would have done this long ago!

    -removed the 1000 buttons on the cab (to the cheer of many) and made a swap-able control panel that works with a simple “one player” panel or a “nothing” panel (booo!)

    -relocated blower fan from blowing on my crotch to my control panel :)

    -added tilt-bob…not wired up yet…

    -updated mobo and CPU from the old i5 2500K and 8GB DDR3 to a new i5 9600K and 16GB of DDR4 ram

    -future plans for the cabinet…one day redo the backbox completely to use a more PB2K type of setup.



    -I have been assisting DDH69 with the creation of DOFLinx from the very beginning when it was DOFFX2. I do what I usually do…come up with ideas…he programs it…I test the hell out of it and create stuff that works with it. The more recent additions were:

    -adding commands to control of all DOF hardware via DOF Config Tool. The meant that MX Leds or anything would now work with DOFLinx…and was usable with FP, FX3, and other programs

    -adding in support for PuP, so it could be used with FP, FX3 and any program

    -adding in support for “key down” triggers as well as “key up” triggers for DOF and PuP


    DOFLinx Effects:

    I created the LARGEST DOF rom in history, that has almost 1000 Exxx triggers with hundreds of different MX leds and normal DOF animated effects. This is a rom that can be used by anything, but was meant for use with DOFLinx SUP files so you can easily add cool DOF and MX stuff to programs that have no DOF support (using Key_to_xxx commands). I will be uploading a demo video and a Spreadsheet that you can use to create SUP files and it shows all the DOF effects that can be used.


    Future Pinball:

    -created my first Future Pinball table (from scratch) for my wife for our 20th Anniversary (Bez Ball). Featured DOF, PuP Backglass with videos, and numerous modes…and my own incredible voice acting!

    -assisted Nailbuster and DDH69 to get PuP support working for FP

    -created the first FP table mod to support both PuP Videos and SSF. Created PuP-Pack for Tron Legacy Stern: Ultimate

    -assisted in some testing of BAM’s new dynamic physics

    -bug tested Jaws Ultimate Pro before release, and assisted SLAMT1LT in making cabinet specific changes to the table

    -updated DOFLinx support for some FP tables. The MX leds I do for FP tables are the coolest light show in pinball in my humble opinion! :)


    Pinball FX3:

    -created the first FX3 PuP-Pack, Aliens. This also included OST music (PuP-Tracks) for the table and SSF!

    -got banned from Zen Studio’s forums… woo hoo!


    PuP SSF FX3:

    I updated EVERY DOFLinx FX3 config file (80+ currently) to add support for PuP triggers for all the main table events that DOFLinx can trigger. I also created FX3 SSF PuP-Packs for each FX3 table! This allowed DOFLinx to trigger those FX3 SSF PuP-Packs to give you basic SSF for the 80+ FX3 tables!


    VPX DOF:

    I’ve added / updated DOF and MX Leds on numerous VPX tables including: Getaway, Avatar, Stranger Things, Stranger Things: Stranger Edition, Mad Scientist, Tron Legacy Stern, Transformers, Jaws, Masters of the Universe, ACDC LE….and eventually Three Angels (waaaaah!)

    Many of these are original tables…and original tables take a long time to add DOF to. You need to reverse engineer the code for the table to figure out what is going on, and also how the gameplay and rules work. There’s a reason why Arngrim doesn’t like doing originals as much. :)

    I’m also probably the only person left on the planet who does MX leds for VP most likely… :(


    FP to VPX conversions with randr:

    I assisted randr with testing his FP to VPX conversion of Jaws, and MOTU. (I looked at Three Angels when I could, but was busy with work). I also added in DOF support to those tables….and I insisted that he let me update the code for MOTU’s videos since they were based on my Mastered mod of the FP table…and I am picky with the DETAILS! :)

    This process was really interesting for us, as we both learned a lot more about what both FP and VPX can and can’t do. (damn the mystery of Three Angel’s drop targets!!!)


    Pinup Player:

    Well this has been going non-stop ever since Nailbuster first announced VPX Topper, or was it Topper VPX? (I always forget). I jumped in right away from day 1 to help test, and it hasn’t stopped! I’ve assisted Nailbuster through every step of it’s evolution.

    -created first PuP table mod using vbs pup commands in table script to do the Tron Legacy PuP Edition. This used table triggers and I kept track of all the table’s light states to determine when videos will be triggered. A crazy achievement that I will NEVER do again, as it was A LOT of work. Using PuP-Packs with PuP Capture is now the way to go for rom based games.

    -created numerous PuP-Packs for VPX, FX3, and FP tables. I always tried to do new things with each pack, and also would use new features as they came out.

    -assisted with the initial “starter” pup-pack for other PuP-Pack creators, so they can get started. I answered A LOT of messages for support with creating pup-packs, and also with testing / updating them as well. (WOZ, Monster Bash, TDK, Twilight Zone, etc)

    -created the first “PuP-Tracks” in a PuP-Pack for a Stern SAM based table by creating a “muted” rom for the VPX table (using Pinball Browser) . Then I replaced that music with OST music in the PuP-Pack! This was done with Transformers. A Stern SAM system first!

    -created PuP-Packs for: Tron Legacy Stern VPX (Max Pack, 2 on 1, 3 on 1), Tron Legacy Stern FP, Aliens FX3, FX3 SSF, Transformers, Masters of the Universe (VPX).

    -PuP-Packs in progress: Jaws VPX, Jaws FP Ultimate Pro, LOTR, Iron Man…and more…


    Pinup Popper (the new front-end that changed everything):

    So this started with a…. “You busy?” from NailBuster. I now know better…. :) “You want to try testing this new front-end I’m working on?”

    I had no interest in going to a new front-end back then. (I was using PBX) Well after one evening of testing a very rough version of Popper…I already switched. :)

    Like Pinup Player, I have been involved with every step in the evolution of Pinup Popper. This is sometimes on a weekly, or daily basis with testing or creation of media, etc.

    -constant testing of new Popper features. Way too much stuff to list here…it’s crazy really.

    -creating the initial wheels, emulator and Playlist media

    -creating install and setup videos

    -creating FFMPEG conversion scripts that anyone can to convert their media

    -updating Tarcisio’s Theme and media to include 8 colours and multiple resolutions

    -multiple testings of the new T-ARC

    -testing new transparency ideas for videos

    -updating the Pinup wiki regularly

    -moderating the Pinup Facebook group


    Endless… endless… support for both PuP and Popper (and FP / DOF / FX3 / VPX / DOFLinx). Read or watch the wiki people :) 


    OK….now that I’m done typing this crazy resume that got way out of hand…I’ll stop here.

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    VP modding was in the first year(2017) a major learning experience, the second(2018) was all about wrapping that experience into knowledge. Who know what 2019 will have in store.. Without paraphrasing myself or others, thanks to the community for all that it is, and all that is unknown comes to light in the new year.

     Onevox (PeteM) 

    Learned a lot about table building by retheming Flash to The Flash, then getting this crazy idea to do The Clash. Really enjoyed the collaboration with those so willing to help: Xenonph, Thalamus, Bord, scottywic, and djrobx. Working on another with Orbital Framework.


    Cabinet updates:

    -added tilt-bob…not wired up yet…

    Just wired mine up recently. Terry, I think you’ll love it.


    About time guys ;-)

    Now you guys are going to notice how many tables that actually exists without

    If keycode = MechanicalTilt Then …..



    so funny, I just posted this in another thread

    I just hope 2019 is as great as 2018 was for VP and all its advances.  So many great, good, and ok tables in VPX its incredible.  Just thinking that maybe somemore conversions from other pinball sims like MS can bring more (humpty dumpty, scratch thatn RandR already gave us that, I know there has to me more).  (love the Jaws FP to VP, 3 angles, just amazing, etc.


    But without a doubt, my best 2018 thing was convincing Joey (3rdaxs) to come over to the dark side and embrace VP.  He is hooked, and its awesome to have a friend who understands the obsession I have.  (up to over 2100 tables on cab).  He is starting to learn how to program which is very scary and exciting at the same time.  Teaching is so much fun.

    I hope to release a somewhat decent VP8/9 converted to VPX table this year (working on a few).

    Please let 2019 be awesome like 2018 was for VP!  thanks everyone in the community!!!   (wish others lived closer to me)

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    Oh yeah, the emergence of 3rdaxs has been awesome. I remember being really inspired by his modelling when he was posting renders a while back. Can’t wait to see more from him. Thanks for nudging him into the hobby, @slydog43!


    Hmmm here we go. I continued to learn lots of new performance and visual techniques that greatly enhance IMO, the overall experience when playing my few tables. Of course I owe a ton of dept to Cyberpez and Rothbauer for helping along the way.


    It looks like I am finally happy with the visuals of the bare light bulbs, and the overall lighting in general. Man that was a long time coming! And I now have a game-play physics set that I am happy with as well too. So I am nearing the end of refreshing all of my tables with all of these new enhancements I have learned from 2018. So as it stands right now, BBBB & DD are already done. BOP is nearly done. And FH…well its still being worked. But I promise, it will be done in 2019. ;-)


    So I have been asked why I keep refreshing my existing tables, and not making new ones. My goal is to optimize my current ones about as much as I can, so I can focus on developing, rather than innovating And then these finished tables can become my reference material for making new ones. That said, I think the innovating is starting to wind down. So after I finish FH and TW, I will focus on something new. But what I would really like to do, is take some already existing tables that are already fairly complete and in pretty decent shape, and just throw my visual, lighting and physics spin on them. I’m a bit worn out taking on un-finished projects. We will see how it goes though.

    But seriously, FH wont be that much longer.

    My VP Pincab /MAME Arcade Specs: Dell T3400 workstation with Core2 Quad core 3.0GHZ (Q9650) CPU - 8GB of RAM - Nvidia 760GTX (MSI Twin Frozr)

    40" PF Sony gaming LED TV, 22" upper and 19" lower monitors in the backbox - Virtuapin controller w/ analog plunger - Full DOF - Full MAME arcade support

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