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    THANKS to all who have and continue to make this a fantastic and vibrant hobby.  Contributors to this table include:  JPSalas, mfuegemann, STAT, Nailbuster, Sliderpoint, EmBee, and Tarcisio. Specific acknowledgements are detailed in the table script along with install notes, rule differences, and known bugs.

    This table needs the backglass to completely show the game progress and needs to be loaded even when the PUPpack is active.  The PUPpack videos significantly enrich the playing experience while also help to overcome some backglass limitations.

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    Very impressive work

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    Excellent table.  Looks absolutely amazing.

    FYI – anyone who normally has the “Disable B2S” checked off in the Key, Nudge and DOF Preferences, you can add to the script the line:

    Set Controller = CreateObject(“B2S.Server”)

    around line 217 (right after  If Err Then MsgBox “Can’t open controller.vbs” in LoadCoreFiles)

    in order to only activate it for this table.


    great work, thanks a lot! :good:


    absolutely impressive work!

    I am looking for T2 cabinet decals, please send pm for offers.


    Wow Thanks! What a nice New Year Surprise.  :yahoo: Amazing Work !


    Thanks a lot for all the hard work and for sharing this extremely awesome table  :yahoo:


    A huge thank you to all involved for this! :yahoo:


    Thanks!  Great job all!


    Thank you all for this amazing machine! Lookiung forward to find out all the rules and to play it!

    My favorite pinball machine?
    Where I can put my name on as G.C....


    yes amazing work , thankyou


    This is a great release. Very pretty and very well done. The only thing that I don’t care for is the ball image.. It seems to be pretty opaque and very difficult to see at times. Other than that it plays great and the PuP really adds to this game.


    Is it possible to place price card and instruction card images on the apron instead of the dmd on the apron?  I figured out how to turn off the dmd image on the apron, but I honestly don’t know how add cards to the apron


    Excellent table, thanks for the hard work. As I got into some trouble which I could figure out myself I would like to add the solution here in the support thread as it might help others with similar problem.

    After installing I got the following error:
    ActiveX component can’t create object: ‘System.Collections.ArrayList’

    On my desktop computer the table worked flawlessly. After consulting the WIP thread on the forum the solution was quite easy. The table needs support for .net 3.5 which had to be manually installed on my new cabinet PC:

    Go to Apps & Features -> Programs & Features -> Activate Windows Features -> Add Support for .net 3.5

    After installing everything worked fine!

    Happy new Year!


    Thanks for this awesome table!

    I have only one problem, and so far is only with this table. when the BG videos play, they are sideways. im researching how to rotate those. other than this, it works flawlessly! thanks to all involved with this table!


    I must be stupid or something. I cannot get the videos to play on this table. I also have problems with “b6” so I’m guessing that I have something wrong with the way pinup is configured. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling pinup but still have the same problems.  Hoping someone can help


    I get error line 10218 controller required. What next?


    errrore line 102aiutooo

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    Great work on this lovely table.

    Tarcisio’s work on the directb2s is beautiful.

    PuP videos are the icing on the cake.

    I realize that trying to get the “corner videos” to work with PuP Overlay “split” frame would work nicely (and the videos stay behind the frame)…but it would go over top of the witch.

    The next update from PuP will allow different overlays to be switched up properly, and you may be able to switch to a “witch overlay” frame that will still stay on top of the corner videos (but not the fullscreen videos)…. then when the witch hurry up is done, you can then switch back to the no-witch default frame. This would allow you to have corner videos and the frame look nice and be layered correctly.

    I noticed the directb2s has a black bar at the bottom. This is because you have it’s size set to 1920×1180. As a result it doesnt fill the backglass screen correctly. I edited the directb2s (with 4GB patched B2S editor) and set the “grill height” to 100 pixels (at the top of the bottom black space). This way when you run the game, you can choose “Hidden” for the grill setting on the b2s settings for this directb2s. This works perfect and the BG looks correct.

    Great work on this!

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