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    PinBot (Williams 1986)

    VPX by bord (credits below)

    B2S & wheel by Blacksad

    Does it get any better than System 11 games? I started this ages ago and worked on it in fits and starts as resources and collaborators were available. Lots of raytraced textures so I don't expect this to play well on old graphics cards. Requires VPX beta 10.6.

    Many thanks to:

    Blacksad for letting me package his great B2S and wheel image with this download

    djrobx - scripting

    rothbauerw - scripting/testing/gameplay tweaking/magic

    32assassin - base script

    tnjhead - slingshot scans

    Ted Bowie - measurements from actual PB

    HF - playfield touchup

    Thanks to the beta testers for all the feedback and time.

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    Bravo Bord.. I don’t need to add your a great VP author do I?


    Thanks so much for this beauty!  Looks incredible!


    Very nice.  One of my favorite tables.  Thanks


    Congrats Bord!  Glad to see you finally got it released.  Looks amazing.  I know how long these things take and it’s always a great feeling to get them out for everyone.

    Thanks for all your effort!


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    Fantastic build. All I can say is wow and thanks bord. Great work

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?




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    Fastest approved upload in history – was on my way to log off and heard the double notification from site and gmail on my phone :)

    Guys, a week after I told you that it was near release. But, I know it is worth the extra wait. You are going to get your socks blown of how good this looks and plays !

    Can’t thank you enough Bord ! :rose:   :heart:   :rose:

    I’ve played over 100′ games on first beta copy I was given, almost as many on the latest. Now, I had plans to head over for some beer and games. And I get the final release.

    Perfect !

    Oh yeah. I was bit rushed. Thank you everyone that contributed to this table as well. I especially want to give @rothbauerw a mention for something that made me super happy and that is the programming behind jumping balls. It is implemented on a few tables already and it very noticeable, probably more so on ssf enabled tables.  :good:

    At the cab now – just extracting. New db2s from @blacksad – sweeet. Epic release guys. Thank you once again !

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     Onevox (PeteM) 

    Goes straight into my “best of vpx” playlist on popper. Thanks for this.



    I haven’t installed a table in about 4 months now but this is going to change tonight! If it only plays half as good as it looks, i’ll see my wife on monday morning again!



    Congrats bord! Another masterpiece and a personal favorite. Thanks not just for bringing it to VPX, but making it one of the best recreations out there.

    Current Project: Perpetual updates of VPX physics.

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    I already played a few games, pure art, incredible detail and a lot of tricks with the different illuminations. Now time to play it again hehe. Thanks Bord & CO! This table was one of the most expectations I had to play, following with attention all the WIP updates.

    Just a question, I’m using VPX 1.6.0 (REV 3541), for me is the perfect version without stutter and (almost) never crashes, I’m fine with this one, or this table requires a newer beta to work properly?

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    Thanks for this beautiful release bord and just in time for the weekend too!


    My God!!! This table is gorgeous  Thank you so much for all the hard work.


    Nice and clean work, as always! Congrat! Here is the gameplay video:


    Great job on the table, it looks and plays extremely well!  I just love the way your flasher domes look and how incredibly realistic the lighting from them is on the side walls.  It has no bearing on gameplay but is one of the features that just makes a table like this Pop!

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    Thanks Bord! :rose:

    Absolutele eye candy and plays great!

    Now The Bride doesn’t feel lonely on my cab anymore… ;-)

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     Bob Albright 

    Just saw this has been uploaded. Heading to puter to download now! Based on the comments I’m going to be a happy camper. Thank you!

    "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"


    Very awesome pinball, Bord is master  when starts the ball do not come out…



    I have played for an hour already!! What a great table. Very rarely do tables look incredible and play just like the real thing. I must say you nailed it bord. In every way. This virtual table is as frustrating as it’s real life counterpart. Tremendous work!

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